Vincent Guimas


Director, Ars Longa and La Nouvelle fabrique

Curator and producer of creative projects combining art, research, and society, Vincent Guimas creates—with artists—narratives structured on the principle of “participative” works. Alone or in series, small formats or monumental installations, the systems call up the city, its inhabitants, its shadows and lights. La Nouvelle Fabrique is a venue for research in conception, manufacturing, and distribution that explores and supports the development of the participative and responsible digital industry. Implemented with other actors from the city, La Nouvelle Fabrique is an urban micro-factory and a corporate citizen. The space has traditional tools, software for computer-assisted design, and a 3D printer. La Nouvelle Fabrique also carries out a broad range of activities, from accompanying design for startups or independent professionals to workshops for the general public to providing consulting services to groups such as Leroy Merlin or OuiShare on the issues of personal and local manufacturing.

Photo : © Quentin Chevrier / Makery