To contact a member of the IRCAM team, please note that all e-mail adresses are: firstname.lastname(@)


Frank Madlener, Director
Suzanne Berthy,  Artistic Events Coordinator

Research and Development

Hugues Vinet, Director
Sylvie Benoit, Personal Assistant to the Director
Moreno Andreatta, Researcher, Musical Representations Team
Frederic Bevilacqua, Head Researcher, Sound Music Movement Interaction
Emmanuel Fléty, Head Researcher, Engineering and Prototype Department
Markus Noisternig, Researcher, Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces Team
Olivier Warusfel,  Head Researcher, Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces Team


Cyril Béros, Director
Martin Antiphon, Sound Engineer
Luca Bagnoli, Sound Engineer
Pascale Bondu, General Technical Manager
Jérémie Bourgogne, Sound Technician
Cyril Claverie, General Stage Manager
Clément Cornuau, Sound Engineer
Oscar Ferran, Sound Technician
Agnès Fin,Production Officer
Audrey Gaspar, Stage Manager
Jérémie Henrot, Sound Engineer Manager
Serge Lemouton, Computer Music Design
Jean-Marc Letang, General Stage Manager
Gilbert Nouno, Computer Music Design
Aurèlia Ongena,Administrative Assitant
Yann Philippe, Video Technician

Research: Creation Interfaces

Gregory Beller, Manager
Ludmilla Bourgoin, Assistant Events Coordinator
Stéphanie Leroy, Administrative Commercial Assistant
Paola Palumbo,   Events Coordinator, Research and Creation Department

Communication & Partnerships

Marine Nicodeau/Emmanuelle Zoll, Manager
Mary Delacour, WebCommunications Officer
Clémentine Gorlier, Trainee Communications
Alexandra Guzik, Head of Ticket Sales
Deborah Lopatin, Communications Officer
Claire Marquet, Editor
Caroline Palmier,  Communications Officer